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Hi, I'm Shaun James. You may recognize me from our Popular NetSecNow Youtube Series with over 46,060 Active Subscribers.

If You're Tired of Wasting Time searching through Questionable Online "Training", You have come to the right place. Utilizing my 20+ Years of Professional Experience, I will show you how to go from a Complete Beginner to a Cyber Security Professional, step-by-step, start to finish. You're Going to learn things that no other school teaches and you only learn from many years experience.

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Feeling Frustrated by all of the Information Online?

You're Not Alone! I feel your pain.

 I was once there too. It's super frustrating to learn some content somewhere on-line, only to find out that you wasted your time, because it simply doesn't work, is outdated, or not practical. 

It doesn't have to be like that anymore, now that you're here!

What some of our Students are saying...

I have been learning a bit here and a bit there with the tools but getting nowhere fast before I found you

Hi, Your site is exactly what I was looking for I have been using kali for over a year and a half. I have been learning a bit here and a bit there with the tools but getting nowhere fast before I found you. Your site puts it all together especially the auditing and reports. Keep up the good work.?

Stuart H Junior Pentester / Student

Why Choose a Career in Cyber Security in 2018?

Cyber Security is one of the most Rapidly Growing Technical Careers in 2019!?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of growth for jobs in information security is projected at 37% from 2012 2022, that's much faster than the average for all other occupations. Cyber Security Professionals can expect to to see salaries of over $120-175k per year! Isn't it time you invested in yourself and your future?

And let's be honest; I am sure you have seen the news between 2016 until now. Everyone has been Hacked. Local and Federal Governments. Big Business and Small business. Online Mega Retailers, Local Mega Retailers. It seems like you can not go a single day without seeing the news of yet another compromise.

If there is one thing for sure, Cyber Security is BIG Business both for the bad guys and the good guys.

But there is a Severe Shortage of Qualified Cyber Security Professionals in the Market Place. Let's Change that. Let's get you Trained and off to do battle right away!

Great courses best instructor I have found

I signed up for the silver membership for a time after being a follower of Netsecnow on Youtube. Shaun is a fantastic instructor and I find his teaching and videos to be clear and concise he also highlights aspects of the industry that others neglect such as the phases of penetration testing and how important it is to document everything. I much prefer his videos and find them a lot better explained than Pentester Academy and I was subscribed to both. Will definitely be returning when their are some more advanced courses and the web app course is complete

Michael Parker

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Being able to talk to you 1-1 was absolutely what made this whole experience for me.

I do like the idea of what you are trying to get across. Being able to talk to you 1-1 was absolutely what made this whole experience for me. I started your course knowing absolutely NOTHING. Every time I got stuck I messaged you, and it was fantastic! You helped me out so much and look where I am now... Doing my OSCP, and starting my own Penetration Testing Firm! You honestly had a massive part to play in that and I really don't think I'd even still be here, learning to be a pentester if I didn't get the personal help from you. Thank You.

Nik C. Junior Pentester / OSCP

A Personalized Approach To Training

One of the biggest things that set's us apart from everyone else is our Personalized 1-on-1 approach to helping students succeed. Our Students LOVE that they can reach out to me anytime, and get an email response within a few hours. After all, there is nothing worse than waiting 36-48 hours for a teacher to respond to a question. Or never responding at all, which is often the case. 

I have been following Shaun James on Youtube for a Long Time

I have been following Shaun James on Youtube for quite some time. I am excited about Pentester University, as it offers GREAT Instruction at a very reasonable price. Shaun is a terrific instructor, and he takes the time to explain Penetration Testing in detailed steps. If you are interested in the challenging field of Penetration Testing / Cyber Security, You've found the right place!

Robin L. Junior Pentester / Student PTU

Invest in Yourself and Your Future - You Deserve it.

Investing in your Education and your future is a no-brainer. By investing in training now, you will be rewarding yourself in the future. You'll be making a great and stable income, and be able to live your life according to you, on your terms. 

You don't have to live Paycheck to Paycheck Anymore...

I am very pleased, to watch the videos is very comfortable and you can easily learn from it and membership is very Affordable

I am very glad I joined this school, I received very good responses from the teacher when I had questions?about something. The videos are very good and the quizzes are very fun! ?I am very pleased, to watch the videos is very comfortable and you can easily learn from it and membership is very Affordable. ?I highly recommend this school!?5 Stars!

Andreas H. Junior Pentester / Student

Training is too Expensive, isn't it?

Usually, Yes it is. I Have spent a ton of money on my training over the years. No one knows better than me how frustrating it is to pay out $16k for 6 months of training at a traditional University, to only have that Training Obsolete in 1 year. Do you think they cared? No.

But I Do Care, and that should never happen to anyone else, ever again, EVER!

So... I changed that with creating Pentester University. Not only will you find our classes very much current but also very Affordable. And Listen, I Know how fast this field changes, so you will always have lifetime access to all courses, so you can stay current.

Learn on The Go!

You can now take our courses on the go. Be it from your Android or Apple smart phones, or tablets, laptops, or PC's. ?

We are here, no matter where you are. 

Get Certified and Get Noticed

Certifications Employers Can Trus??t!

Our Certification Programs go above and beyond traditional "Certificate of Completion" Programs.

CPPT - Certified Professional Penetration Tester

CLSA+ - Certified Linux System Administrator

Learn More About our Certifications Here

Certified Professional Penetration Tester

I loved the course and I learned so many new things, I am going to continue on different courses and even hope to get some more tips to start my own firm. 10/10

Tanner Saniter

Coaching You Can Count on.  

Finally, a Coaching Program that you can Count on!

Included in our Platinum Membership Program you will get Personal and Private Coaching that will give you the boost of confidence and motivation you need to succeed, knowing you have someone in your corner to field questions, keep you on track and accountable, and overall successful.

However, we also offer Coaching and Mentoring all on it's own also. Please Contact us for a Customized Action Plan Blueprint.

Great Course, Informative, and Awesome Teacher

I enjoyed the course, it did teach me a few things I hadn't known about and will definitely assist me in getting my OSCP. I'd do many more courses from Pentester University!

Michael Clark

Do You Have $4.99? 

If you can spare $4.99 Per Day, You can Afford our Exclusive Platinum Pass Membership, which includes All of our Courses, Personalized 1-1 Coaching, and our Exam Vouchers. Yes, it's that Affordable!

For less than the cost of a an Espresso at Starbucks, You will be able to learn a highly skilled career and earn a Certification that will get you working and making money.

Excellent introduction to Pentesting....

I thought the course was well designed and Shaun is an very good instructor. The instructions were clear and relatively easy to follow. The lab work helped to solidify the content. I like the fact that this course actually walks you thru setting up your own pentesting lab that is capable of doing a lot of damage (good or bad). Shaun teaches and stresses the ethical side of pentesting which could make for a real career if i so chose to pursue. All in all, I would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about or wanting to learn about penetration testing.

Michael Morris

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