What Makes A Great Pentester

What makes a truly great Penetration Tester? Here is what I think that makes a truly great Penetration Tester: It’s not about how many certifications or degrees that you have hanging from your wall. It’s about the way in which you think. Being able to put your thoughts to the keyboard. Thinking outside the box, […]

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Top 5 Things That Will Get You The Job

You’ve done the training. You’ve practiced. You’ve searched for Jobs, but have come up empty handed. Here is my list of the Top 5 Things You NEED to do to land your dream job! The Resume that puts other resumes to shame. A resume is just as important as your skills and training. If you […]

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The Hack The Planet Epidemic

The Epidemic of Misinformation At least daily, I come across some very confused people looking to start training in Cyber Security / Penetration Testing. They are confused mostly by no fault of their own. After all, there is a lot of dis-information online, and shows like Mr. Robot that don’t make matters any better. And […]

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Age is Just a Number

Cyber Security Has No Age Limits. I often get asked by potential students “I’m xx Years old. Am I too old/young to get started in Cyber Security?” and the answer is always the same; no.? At Pentester University we have students of all ages, some not even in high school yet, and some that are […]

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escaping scope creep

Scope Creep: Escaping the Madness

Have you heard the term “Scope Creep” before? Chances are you haven’t, because it’s one of the most commonly missed things to be mindful of in Information Security / Cyber Security.? What is “Scope Creep”? Usually during the pre-engagement phase of Penetration Testing, while you are defining your contract, you set aside a block of […]

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Hacking Tool

The Best Hacking Tool of 2017

“What is the best Hacking Tool of 2017?” I see this question posted daily on Quora, and many CyberSec Facebook groups I belong to, so I thought I’d clear it up, hopefully (doubtfully) once and for all.? The very best Hacking tool you will ever have (drum roll please…) is YOU. Please allow me to […]

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Cyber Security Success

Trumps Cyber-Security Executive Order

No matter if you love Trump, or hate Trump, he’s serious about the future of Cyber Security Last week President Donald Trump issued an Executive order outlining his plans for Strengthening Americas Cyber Security Infrastructure. ?You probably haven’t heard much about it though, since it was immediately eclipsed by other news events like the Firing […]

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WannaCry Ransomware

Posted on May 13, 2017 by Shaun James. Categories: News.

WannaCry – The Latest Ransomware Romancing The Internet   The latest Ransomware to hit the market is called WannaCry and has already stricken over 12 nations already. Everything from hospitals to governments, to police stations. Their computers are now all being held hostage.? This quite reminds me of when the ILoveYou Virus came out, and […]

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I Know Everything

“I Know Every Thing” – The Cyber Security Pitfall. Chances are (especially in this field of Cyber Security) you’ve worked with someone who claims to know it all. And you’ve probably quickly noticed that they don’t. Ugh, I see it all of the time. I’ve worked alongside plenty of these “Know it all” types, and […]

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The Memory Dump

Often times as people of the digital technology age, and especially as Penetration Testers we tend to get “Information Overload”, just like computers. And much the same as computers, we need to do a Memory Dump, before we crash.? I felt it was important to write about this in a blog article, because we all […]

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