Is Cyber Security Right For You

If you have been contemplating a a Career in Cyber Security, or a Change to Cyber Security, you’ve probably asked yourself at least once, “Is a Career in Cyber Security right for me?”. You’re not a lone. In fact, I’d wager to say that if someone hasn’t asked themselves this question, then they need to investigate why they haven’t before anything else.

The problem is that a lot of people of our nature come to this cross roads out of shear curiosity. “I’m good at computers, should I start Cyber Security?”. Something must have inspired you in order to bring yourself to that question. Let me try and help you to decide.

Cyber Security is not as easy as the movies or Youtube videos glorify it. You don’t simply enter in an IP address and click a few buttons and take over?a network; that’s not how it works at all. A lot of people who jump into cyber security tend to be rather impatient by nature, and want to “download” every bit of knowledge in the blink of an eye. That’s also not how this works, let me explain;

More times than not, you’ll find yourself getting nothing but false positives during an active Penetration Test Engagement. That wears quickly on someones Patience, I know that first hand. However, one of the most important skills to have is patience. Because a lack of patience will lead to mistakes, and mistakes cost money. So if you have a short temper and no patience, Cyber Security may not be the best career choice, until you develop those skills.

You have to realize a few things about this career.

1. It takes time to become proficient and professional.
2. Again, Patience is key
3. Get used to long hours, and lots of reading and writing (logs, reports, etc)
4. Did I mention patience???

At offer affordable courses that allow students to learn at their own pace, what ever that may be. I have found this is key to less stress in students, allowing them to understand, learn and retain the information easier. So no matter if you sign up for our online school, or choose to self learn, make sure you give yourself enough time to fully understand the information presented to you. Don’t burn yourself out trying to learn it all at once.

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YouTube Ruins Online Education

This post is really a double edge sword for me personally, because YouTube is?how I got my start into online training. It’s how we built an audience of super awesome people, eager to learn. And it hurts me to admit this, but YouTube is a Terrible Place to Learn Ethical Hacking.

Let me explain;

I’m sure you’ve been there. You go to Youtube to get some information about something related to Ethical Hacking / Penetration Testing / Cyber Security only to spend countless hours watching someone type commands into a terminal, and explain it via typing (with many errors) into a notepad. The crazy zoom in and zoom out, it’s enough to make you dizzy. But, like a trooper, you suffer through it in hopes that you will be able to pull off what ever it was you were looking for. So, you get started, and realize that the YouTuber was full of crap. Nothing they showed is working for you, and now you are back at square one, frustrated and feeling defeated. Usually, people just wind up quitting at that point, and feeling like this whole Cyber Security thing is wizardry and stupid.

BUT, here’s the thing;

What I have found (even before we created the NetSecNow Channel) is that these supposed “Teachers” are just regurgitating something they found somewhere else. Seriously, how many times do you see the same titles, and each video is just worse and worse. It’s enough to make your head spin.

Most of the things you find for Cyber Security on Youtube is outdated. As such, our Industry Niche is one of the fastest changing and evolving of all IT related careers. So It’s impossible to be current on a platform like YouTube, especially with all of the outdated dis-information out there.

And maybe that’s fine for some people on a $0.00 budget who are trying to get into Cyber Security Professionally, but it’s just time wasted usually.

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Kali Linux Really Sucks

Ok, so maybe it doesn’t totally suck, BUT

Kali Linux is one of the few go to operating systems for Penetration Testers and Hackers alike. And it does do a really good job at giving you a mostly full set of tools used in Penetration Testing, but it still totally sucks! Here’s why;

Kali Linux, above anything else is really just a tool, like any other “hacking” tool. But the problem is, just that. It tends to mislead potential users into a false sense of thinking that Kali Linux itself is all they need to “hack the planet”. In fact is the furthest thing from the truth. YouTube is to blame for this epidemic also, but that’s for another topic all together.

Here’s the thing that us Professionals already realize; and that’s “The Very best tool you will ever have in your tool kit is YOU.” Yes, YOU. I’ll explain

Everyone thinks because they saw some guy/gal on YouTube fire up their Kali Linux install, and hack a website, or hack another computer with such ease, that of course they can do it just like what they saw. And often times they become super frustrated, and ultimately discouraged, and defeated. I wrote a blog post about that?HERE

Many users lack the firm understanding of the core principles of a Proper Penetration Test. Including the very important Phases of Penetration Testing. Unfortunately, most online resources rarely teach the Phases of Penetration testing. Nor do they encourage?would-be Penetration Testers to apply a simple, yet powerful tool within themselves called Logic. Usually the reason they don’t teach these important things, is because they are boring.?One of our Flagship ideals here at Pentester University is teaching these methods very much in-depth, while making it fun and interactive.

You are the BEST Computer You will ever use.

And I truly mean that. By understanding the core fundamentals, such as the Phases of Penetration testing, and applying LOGIC, you are now able to build a better case against your target, a clear road map of the best method of attack. This will lead to a higher success rate of compromising clients systems, less frustration, and ultimately a lower chance of Defeat.

In closing, You could have the very best of the best tools in the entire world, but without using Logic, and Understanding the important Phases of Penetration Testing in-depth, you are just clicking buttons, and making yourself frustrated, and perhaps looking foolish in front of your client, bosses, or colleagues.

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Overcoming Defeat in Penetration Testing

So if you ever practiced Penetration testing, or conducted a Penetration Test for a company, then you may have?been met with the ever so frustrating?sign of Defeat. What’s important to remember is you’re not the only one, and this won’t be the last time this happens.

It’s common to run into road blocks in Penetration Testing, stubborn firewalls, strict IP ingress/egress filtering, Crazy Sensitive A/V, etc etc. This leads to Frustration (Severe in some cases) and ultimately will lead to your own demise of success. I find the more frustrated some people get, especially in this career, the harder it is to focus and continue on. This my good friends is none other than, defeat. And sometimes, even if only Temporary, it’s important to admit defeat to yourself, step back, take a break, and re-assess the situation or plan of attack. Often times, it’s something so simple that you are over looking and making yourself crazy with, that simply stepping back, and re-engaging with a clear head will show prevalence and mitigate defeat.


Defeat is unfortunately going to be part of you, for as long as you are alive, in all facets of life, not just pentesting. But as you grow older, gain experience, it becomes easier to recognize it, and overcome it. So don’t get bummed out, or feel alone, because you shouldn’t be, and you’re not.

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Picking the Best Online Cyber Security Training

If you are reading this blog post, you’ve probably been searching around for online cyber security training and are confused by how many results there are, what course to choose, and where to start in general. I hope this blog post will help you in Picking The Best Online Cyber Security Training.

Cyber Security is a very in-demand career, especially after all of the public mention of large, and small companies, Local and Federal Governments, and pretty much everyone getting hacked in 2016. No one was safe. So, if you have ever considered a career in Cyber Security, there is no better time than right now in 2017.

But here’s the thing, because of this so many “new” Online Cyber Security Training Facilities have popped up all over the internet, making it even more confusing for potential students to pick one. And you’re not alone. So many of these online training facilities offer so many different things; Training, Certification, Test Vouchers, Boot camps, Fast Tracks, and the list goes on for miles. Most of these “things” are just buzz words, so here’s how to choose an Online Cyber Security Training Facility.



Since it seems like almost every day a new “Cyber Security Training Facility” pops up, you should find out how long your potential choice has been around. If they are relatively new, or not known well, chances are they will close their internet doors in 6 months or less.


What do they offer?

Here’s the thing, what they offer is just as important as what they DON’T offer. Do they offer beginner classes??7 Day Bootcamp courses? :Cringe:, Do they offer Industry certifications, or do they self-certify? How long is the access to content, 7 days, 1 month, 1 year, lifetime? Support: 1-on-1, self study, forums, email support, anything at all?



While I’d advise against price being your deciding factor, it is something important to consider. If you are a beginner, you certainly should not cough up $5k per course right away. That’s entirely too much. On the flip-side, You do get what you pay for. For example, there are some free courses out there, and while I can’t personally say if they are any good, I do however live by the old adage: “You get what you pay for. Nothing in life ever comes for free, and if it does, it’s not worth the time you invest.”



It’s really hard to find an Online Cyber Security Training Facility that caters to complete beginners. It’s much harder to teach a complete beginner than it is to teach someone with experience, especially in Cyber Security. However, there are Organizations out there who do a really great job Training Complete Beginners Start to Finish, Step By Step in Cyber Security Training. We happen to be one of them.



I always CRINGE and turn the other way when I hear this buzz word. It makes my skin crawl. The reason why is simple; while is a good tool for seasoned professionals looking to up their game and get a new certification, these same Boot-camps wind up duping unsuspecting students into paying a boat load of cash for an ultra stressful, fast paced specific certification training course. Unless your sole intent is to pass a specific exam, and you already have a bunch of experience, don’t get sucked into this buzz word trap. It could cost you $5,000 per course, only to be completely lost in the material.


Free Trials / Demos:

This is very important. I’d wager that any Online Cyber Security Training Facility that doesn’t offer some sort of No-Money up front Free Trial, or Demo, should be skipped over. Here’s the thing, when ever you pick a Cyber Security Training Course, you have to see if the teachers way of teaching jives with your way of learning. If you can’t understand the teacher, or can’t follow along, perhaps it’s time to skip past that Facility as well.


So, as you can see there are a ton of questions that have to be answered in order to pick the right Online Cyber Security Training Facility. I hope that this outline was able to help you narrow down your choices.

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