Gaining Employment in Cyber Security

In this Course, we will go over what it takes to land an interview and a job in Cyber Security. Filled with Tips and Tricks as outlined below. Below the course, we will have a link to a resource download, with a sample resume and the accompanying PDF documents.

Course Outline

  • Course Outline
    • The Course Overview
  • Self Assessment
    • Self Assessment ? Looking from the outside in.
  • Relevant Training
    • Traditional v.s. Non-Traditional
    • Degrees v.s. Certifications
    • Experience and Recommendations
  • Resumes That Land The Interview
    • Basic Resume Structure
    • Resume Proper Etiquette
    • Resume Design and Relevancy
  • Job Searches
    • Resources for Finding Jobs
  • Preparing for the Interview
    • Your Appearance
    • What to Bring with you to the Interview.
  • Interview Process
    • The Process and what to expect
  • Post Interview Process
    • Post Interview ? What to expect
  • Summary
    • Final Review: You got this!

Course Information


Course Instructor

Shaun James Author

Founder and sole creator of the popular Youtube Series "NetSecNow" with over 37,000 Active Subscribers, and later James has been professionally Pentesting for over 10 years and has 20 years experience in the Information Security Field! Striving to create the absolute best Network Security Teaching courses on the web, Mr. James has dedicated himself to providing Personalized, Easy to Understand, Easy to Follow instructional content that is able to teach even the newest of students, start to finish, step-by-step.if you are serious about learning the art of Hacking from a Professional, sign up for Cyber Security courses with Mr. James today!

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