Here are some commonly asked Questions: 


Q: How much are your courses?

A: Every Course price varies from course to course. Please reference each course for pricing information.

Q: Do you provide Technical Support?

A: No. Not for help with with hardware/software support, i.e. My headphones don't work, or Help my network card doesn't show up, or My Kali Linux Crashed. The only Technical support we will provide is based upon the course lessons.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Due to the nature of our course materials, being that of digital consumables, no, we do not offer refunds. However, if you have a membership, you can cancel at anytime. Please be sure to read the TOS which is required when you sign up for any course.

Q: What is the difference between buying a course for the flat fee, versus buying a membership?

A: Memberships have many benefits, depending on the level of membership you decide to purchase. Buying just the course for a flat/fixed fee only get's you that course.

Q: If I choose to buy just a course and not a membership, will I have lifetime access to that course?

A: Yes, as of the time of this writing you will have lifetime access to that particular course. Should that change in the future, all existing students will still have lifetime access.

Q: You mention lifetime access, but what if something happens to you?

A: I have a number of fail over fault tolerant measures in place that will allow you to still have lifetime access to a particular course, or courses. One of which is our hosting is generally paid up front, years in advance.

Q: I understand you are a Hacker. How do I know this is not some Scam?

A: Good question. While I can understand your thinking, please try and understand that I have a Verified Business account and have been in good standing with Paypal for over 10 years, same account. Also, Stripe, who processes our Credit Cards, has verified our company. Furthermore, Feel free to read some of my reviews.

Q: Your courses are priced so low, does that mean they aren't any good?

A: Price shouldn't dictate how good or bad something is, but unfortunately it often does. I offer an affordable pricing model so all students of any budget can better their education and further their career. If you are still unsure, try our 7 Day Risk FREE Trial

Q: Why do your beginner courses have time-release limits of every 5 days?

A: I did it this way to emulate a traditional school, in the sense that Students will have ample time to study the materials provided, and go back to reference, or otherwise contact me directly for further explanation, or ask questions.

I have found that as Techies, we tend to want as much information as possible, all at once. This leads us to inevitably skip around, thus possibly missing key critical information regarding this highly specialized trade.

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