Kali Linux Really Sucks

Ok, so maybe it doesn’t totally suck, BUT

Kali Linux is one of the few go to operating systems for Penetration Testers and Hackers alike. And it does do a really good job at giving you a mostly full set of tools used in Penetration Testing, but it still totally sucks! Here’s why;

Kali Linux, above anything else is really just a tool, like any other “hacking” tool. But the problem is, just that. It tends to mislead potential users into a false sense of thinking that Kali Linux itself is all they need to “hack the planet”. In fact is the furthest thing from the truth. YouTube is to blame for this epidemic also, but that’s for another topic all together.

Here’s the thing that us Professionals already realize; and that’s “The Very best tool you will ever have in your tool kit is YOU.” Yes, YOU. I’ll explain

Everyone thinks because they saw some guy/gal on YouTube fire up their Kali Linux install, and hack a website, or hack another computer with such ease, that of course they can do it just like what they saw. And often times they become super frustrated, and ultimately discouraged, and defeated. I wrote a blog post about that?HERE

Many users lack the firm understanding of the core principles of a Proper Penetration Test. Including the very important Phases of Penetration Testing. Unfortunately, most online resources rarely teach the Phases of Penetration testing. Nor do they encourage?would-be Penetration Testers to apply a simple, yet powerful tool within themselves called Logic. Usually the reason they don’t teach these important things, is because they are boring.?One of our Flagship ideals here at Pentester University is teaching these methods very much in-depth, while making it fun and interactive.

You are the BEST Computer You will ever use.

And I truly mean that. By understanding the core fundamentals, such as the Phases of Penetration testing, and applying LOGIC, you are now able to build a better case against your target, a clear road map of the best method of attack. This will lead to a higher success rate of compromising clients systems, less frustration, and ultimately a lower chance of Defeat.

In closing, You could have the very best of the best tools in the entire world, but without using Logic, and Understanding the important Phases of Penetration Testing in-depth, you are just clicking buttons, and making yourself frustrated, and perhaps looking foolish in front of your client, bosses, or colleagues.

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